Who will go into the goal? In Zlín or in Pardubice they have no one

Years was considered the goalie number 2. For the eternal extra-league waitress, what’s more to help in the first league to catch at least somewhere. Then at the wedding of Václav Eiselt he arranged engagement in Zlín, again in the role of a couple that will cover his back to the experienced Murín.

But the club did so until the extralig finals, in which Slavi lost his first match, he lost 1: 2, when Altrichter had just entered Murine instead of the ice. He picked up the win, then three more, got only two goals together, and MF DNES declared him the best play-off player for the title.

“It was a bomb,” he says today, after 11 years. And he adds: “The pair must always be in the play-off. And the matches that were all about were my parquet.Motivation, adrenaline keeps you soaked. ”

Altrichter’s story is the brightest example that even in the online bookmaker play-off it does not have to pay that you have no chance without a clear one. Perhaps this will be true this year, even Třinec and Litvínov, the best teams of the base part and still two main favorites, are together with Mladá Boleslav those who have only put one goalie in the decommissioning battles.The other three, Pardubice is spinning and surprise – as well as 11 years ago – Zlín as well.

The first three matches captured Šturala, on Tuesday, after two defeats to win over Brno contributed by the performance of Kašík and coach Vlach change he explained: “We wanted to give the team a new impulse.” And as the “winning team does not change”, he started again in Brno on Thursday.

Even Altrichter knows this is a part of tactics. “Rosťa Vlach has a feeling for that. He knows that there is pressure on the goalie, that it is both physical and psychological strain, so he let Strulla sniff. He did not care to make a change and it is to the benefit of the team. ”

The goalkeepers often repeat how much they want to know in advance what their position is.For example, the coaching coach Růžička for big tournaments will determine goalkeeper number 1 in advance. Yes, one will give the goalkeeper (and possibly the team) a feeling of inner peace. However, the model of alternation is more motivating. “Goliaths have to go after something. He has to defend his position, which is better for the team, “says Altrichter.

In addition, coach Vlach thinks:” Nowadays the number one is rarely loaded. They need to be replaced during the season, because it’s physically and mentally challenging for them. ”

This is what statistics show. This season the teams have put 45 goalies, last year bookmakers offer it was 37, before 39 and in the season 2011/12 only 33.This year, Zlín has already had four men in the club!

On the other hand, the fact that Třinec, Litvínov and Boleslav have no reason to turn the goalkeeper, points to another thing. Trainers often change men into vmasks to kick the team. In an unfavorable state, he gave the impulse to the players to say: “Let’s try it again!”

This is the case of Pardubice, where Coach Říha alternates Vejmelka with Kristan. And maybe Hradec, who will be interested in another thing. And how necessary it is for the goalminders everyone they want to catch up with come together.

With Kacella and Kantor the haprous relationships, however, Spartian Novotny said after the quarter-finals: “I’ve heard they are like dogs. We and Jar (Janus) do not hesitate. Just when he goes to the semifinal he’ll be there.And I want him to win. ”

He himself played with Janus in the play-off twice, but in a single duel. Ten minutes before the end of the second match was 3: 3 and Janus led the ice. When Sparta went into the lead five minutes later, he let Novotny go again. “It was a tactical move that went well,” said Captain Tomas Rolinek.

In short – we can not be sure anything in the play-off.